HMCS Chaudiere Day 2

After our first penetration and decompression dive on the Chaudiere, we decided to come back for round two. Our dive profile was as follows….

130 for 25 with approximately 20 minutes or so of hang time on 50% Nitrox at various depths starting at 50 feet in order to clear our decompression obligations. We did two penetrations in the bow, and one through the bridge during today’s dive. Things were coming fast and furious….overall it was an amazing dive!!

We have an excellent dive planned for tomorrow down in Tuwanek. We are going to search out the Sea whips, and the plan has us at 165 for 20 minutes, with 17 minutes or so decompression obligations in order to make back to the surface.

If you are not busy tomorrow, you should come on down to the Beach and enjoy the action!

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