May Long Weekend

[singlepic=51,320,240,watermark,left]The May long weekend was a long one for sure for Suncoast Diving and Uw Explorers. Friday we spent the day out on the inlet, with 4 Marine Biologists doing a collection of various types of Sea Weeds etc. So Sam and I stayed dry and made sure that everyone had not difficulties with dressing and getting into the water to get there specimens.

Saturday we were back on the water for another day with the Marine Biologists and two fun divers. Dive one was on the Power Lines and from all accounts things were fantastic. So, suspect that is where we will be doing Vas’s last Decompression Training dive.

Sunday, was a tad bit slower with two fun divers, and just one dive on the HMCS Chaudiere. All in all it was a great weekend…lots of great sun, good diving, and time on the boat!!

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