Wreck Course Complete

[singlepic=107,320,240,watermark,left]There is a big congratulations to passed along to Peter and Jeremy as they sucessfully completed the PADI Wreck course that was held on the weekend, thanks to Suncoast Diving.

Friday was the first day of the Wreck course. The two students conducted a complete survey and image re creation of the sail boat which is resting in 30 feet of water at Tuwanek Point. Everything went well, both students demonstrated excellent buoyancy and diving skills.

On with Day Two, the HMCS CHAUDIERE, where the first dive on Saturday had us navigating and mapping the wreck in order to find a good penetration point for the last dive of the specialty. Both students were up for a[singlepic=106,320,240,watermark,right] couple easy swim throughs on the wreck. The next dive had both students working on running the penetrations reels on the out side of the wreck which can be tricky…though both students did an excellent job!

Sunday was the big day for the penetration, Jeremy and Peter decided to penetrate on the forward gun bay door, through the bride, and down the Ops Room ladder, and through the Operations Room and exiting through the cut out on the Starboard side. Both did an excellent job!

Well done to all!!

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