Busy Weekend of Training

What a great weekend.  Victoria and Brett came up from Vancouver to take their Drysuit course and to do some fun diving!!  Things started off really well, we got the video done and out of the way, and then got to the fitting part of the course. 

[singlepic=205,320,240,watermark,right]Brett had no problems with a suit fit, however, the suit we got for Victoria though in great shape, it was a little short, and the neck and wrist seals were a little on the large size!  We did our best to tape the seals, but as Victoria can atest to, it LEAKED!! and leaked big time!!  I was very very impressed with the strength Victoria showed…soaking wet she still finished the skilles from dive one…and though not able to make back in for dive two….she actually showed up for day two, and completed her course!! So, my hats off to her!! Great Job!!

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