Winter Wonderland

[singlepic id=216 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=right]Not so new to the Sunshine Coast is the snow, but in this case, I have to admit it has been hanging around for some time now.  UWE planned an awesome charter to the HMCS CHAUDIERE back on the 19th of Dec, but we ran into a problem, when the throttle control froze and we were not able to get anywhere.

The 28th of Dec, was a busy day….we still had snow on the ground.  Duncan and Tania came out and did their drysuit course, and thankfully the throttle thawed out and away we went.

Dive One had us out to Pipers Point, to complete the few skills that we had to do, and off onto the wall we went.  Surface water conditions were calm and flat, with a temperature in and around 43F, with huge huge clear visibility!  We spent 30 minutes or so out on the wall, things were beautiful as is always the case while we are out in the inlet.  Both students did an awesome job with all their skills.

[singlepic id=218 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=left]Dive Two, had us head over to Tuwanek Pt, where we planned to jump in on the sailboat wreck, and do the couple of skills that was needed to complete the drysuit course.  Do to some equipment problems, we had to split the dives up, so I took Duncan, and completed his drysuit skills, then returned to the boat, and picked Tania up after a quick regulator exchange…and off we went to get her qualified as a drysuit diver!

Overall a great day out diving…interested in winter diving…want your drysuit qualification….then stop by and visit Suncoast Diving.

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