Tuwanek Night Dive

Uwe and the Sunshine Coast Dive Club went out for the first night dive of 2009.  Uwe and Red Hat Divers have been working together to create an Underwater Video of the various dive sites here in the Sechelt Inlet.

The dive went very well, we had an encounter with what I think was a Red Octopus, a Pipe Fish, as well we had a great run in with a Red Hairy Crab, and what looked like flatworms.

Overall it was a great dive!  Interested in diving or joining Sunshine Coast Dive Club, then be sure to contact UWE!!

2 thoughts on “Tuwanek Night Dive”

  1. I love seeing the underwater videos and photos you guys take. Makes me wish I wasn’t a chicken and had the guts to start diving. Am sure there are neat things to see in the Great Lakes near me, the shipwrecks alone would be awesome to see.

    Keep on posting new stuff Ken and gang I’ll keep checking back for more lol.

  2. Hey Mindy,
    Thanks for stopping bye. I have another video I am working on. I will get it up in a couple of days!!

    I am glad you liked it 🙂


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