New Advanced Open Water Divers

UWE would like to congratulate Rod E., Connie E., and Bill M., for successfully completing their Padi Advanced Open Water course.  We kicked off their training Saturday morning, out in Tuwanek.  All three students indicated that they had not been scuba diving in at least a year, so the first couple of dives were used as check out dives.  The visibility on Saturday was pretty close, with large particals in the water making the check out dives more challenging.

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Connie E. Rod E. Bill M.

On Sunday we head of down the inlet to conduct the Deep dive of the Advanced Open Water which was done on the HMCS CHAUDIERE, which is always a good dive.  You could certainly see there was lots of excitement.  On the second dive, it was decided that we were heading to the Tzoonie Narrows for the drift dive, however we got skunked as there was little to no movement at all, but there was a very large number of Giant Nudi’s which are on of my favorites.

Tuesday night we decided we would try the Dirft option once again. so we packed up and headed off to the Tzoonie Narrows once again and sure enough we got ourselves a great drift dive.  The second dive was to be a night dive which was conducted off the boat on the left island in Tuwanek.  We rolled in right at the mooring line that drops us past the Octo den, so of course we had to check it out.  Once we had certainly freaked that octopus out with all the bright dive lights, it was off towards the shallows for my muck dive, where we saw a couple of small gunnels, a red octopus and many other cool little critters.

Today had us back at Tuwanek for the completion of the Nav portion of the Advanced Open Water.  Well done to all involved!!

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