Congratulations to the new Rescue Divers

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Bruno P. Ken G. Jeremy C.

UWE and Suncoast Diving is excited to announce that we have three new Rescue Divers.  Bruno, Ken and Jeremy were hard at over the past two dives working on their Rescue skills.   Monday had us down in Tuwanek working on the many many confined water skills.  Though not to hard as we still had time to make it down to check out the resident Octopus which is easily found on the Left Island.

Today had us out on the boat, conducting our Rescue Scenarios out at the Tuwanek Abyss.  Over all all dives went off without a hitch.  Visibility is a little murky down to 60 feet where it opens up nicely.

Check back soon as we UWE is working to complete Bruno’s Decompression course, and both Jeremy and Bruno are now ready to start their Dive Master training!

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