Cerro Verde

Stone Scorpion Fish
Stone Scorpion Fish (c) Uw Explorers

UWE was out diving once again at Cerro  Verde.  This site is looking more and more like the Tuwanek of the Baja.  Once again the weather was simply amazing.  We arrived at the dive site around 12 – 12:30 in the afternoon after what was a pretty slow start for us.  The wind was down, with little to no surf for entry….so we quickly dressed and headed in off the beach.

Today we were armed with just our point and shoot camera, but it does not seem to disappoint us.  Our mission today was to capture so fresh pictures of a Stone Scorpion fish if at all possible.  We descended in about 10 feet of water, and after we headed off on our swim to the slide area, Susanne found a beautiful stone fish sitting right out in the sand….this was like minute two of the dive.  Once we left him, we headed down the slop, and encountered a good current heading North…we managed to still make progress to the south south east.  We found two rather small eels which would not cooperate and stay out of their dens so we could get a nice picture of them.  There was plenty of tropical fish swimming all around.  Overall a great dive!  Visibility was easily 100 ft, and water temps were between 73 – 75f.

Great time…be sure to stop by and head out with us for some great shore diving!!

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