The Drowning Woman

Jo Harrison Modern Body Art

Jo Harrison from Modern Body Art in the UK is vacationing down here in the Baja currently and our paths happened to cross.  It turns out, I was looking to get a couple of Tattoos done, and she was looking to get some video or pictures done to help in her drawings for the tattoo she is working on for Matt.  Thus The Drowning Woman was begun.

So Jo, Matt Susanne and I (UWE) headed out into the Sea of Cortez today in order to get some footage of what was to appear like a woman who has just drowned…and she is floating out into the depths….arms out stretched resigned to her fate.  Susanne was on the bottom with Jo with a regulator ready for her when it was needed, and it was on a 7 foot hose so there was plenty to play with if needed.  Matt was snorkeling on the surface passing along advice for angles for the shoot…and Jo was the model.

We are working on a short movie explaining everything Jo and Matt are hoping to achieve….so stay tuned that will hopefully be out to view in the next few days.  I do have a couple of awesome images of Jo doing her thing….I hope you enjoy!!

2 thoughts on “The Drowning Woman”

  1. looks like she is holding her breath. I wont describe the tactile sensation on an open post it would be perceived as disrespectful.
    how are you all and what kind of fire starter is used to keep divers warm in your latitudes

    p.s. miss you all much

  2. Hey Hey Bruno..I was just thinking of you the other day wondering how you have been doing!! I hate to say it there is no need for fire starter down this neck of the woods for divers…though it is so nice coming up to the warm sun..with the cool breeze!! You need to check back, I am working on the video for Jo’s Drowning Woman thing…I think the video is going to be good!!

    Hope you are well…miss you guys as well!!

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