Los Morros del Norte

Taken by KennyG
Guitar Ray

UWE was out diving with Vista Sea Sport again today, dive leading for Dave and Dean, another awesome day down in Cabo Pulmo.  Our first dive was at Los Morros del Norte, where we rolled in at the northern part of the reef and enjoyed a nice drift south.  As we descended in the 75 degree water we could tell the visibility was going to be a little short today, in around 30 feet and cloudy.  The normal sounds of open circuit scuba diving was replaced with the sounds of whales talk to one another, it was amazing to dive to.  There was plenty of schooling fish, an we came across a couple of nice guitar rays hiding in the crack and crevasses.

Dive two had us heading a little further south El Bajo de los Morros where en route we were entertained with a couple of whale encounters and a whale breaching which was just way to cool.

Breaching Whale Cabo Pulmo
Taken by Dave and Dean

The second dive went off with out a hitch though I  do not think it was good as the first one.  The land scape was lovely and there were many cracks and crevasses to swim through.  Once again there was many schools of tropical fish, the ever plentiful Balloon, and some very large groupers.  Overall it was a great dive out with Vista Sea Sport, as well Dave and Dean who were the guest divers on board the boats today! Great diving with you guys!!  We will be headed back out for another great day of diving tomorrow…so don’t miss out!!

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