Global Referrals & SDI Openwaters

UW Explorers SDI Training Facility

UWE  has been busy between assisting at Vista Sea Sport and conducting SDI Openwater courses.  Friday had us out on Mark’s Panga, down to Cerro Verde doing Openwater Dive 1 and 2 of a Global Referral from SSI.  Jon (student) and Nadine (Certified diver) did great on their dives.  Jon proved he was up to the task of completing all of his skills with no difficulties on both of his dives, and Nadine is an excellent diver, she has excellent buoyancy  and her air consumption is amazing.  Well done to both.

Uw Explorers SDI Training Facility currently is running an Openwater course for Charlie B. has completed all of her Confined water skills, and is more then ready for the ocean portion though we may head back to the pool for one more go…just to make sure everyone is comfortable.  Once she has completed her academics, then there will be no stopping her.  She is certainly a natural in the water, so I am excited to get her course completed so she can get in there and do some of the awesome dive sites that are offered here in the Baja.

CW Pool Skills

Interested in learning to dive…drop us a line and lets see what we can get arranged!!

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