More of Cabo Pulmo

Breaching Whale Cabo Pulmo
Taken by Dave and Dean

UWE was out once again helping out Vista Sea Sport, with a charter of 3 divers from California.  Tom, Scott and Cortlandt headed down to Cabo Pulmo for some great diving.  The weather was amazing with very calm seas.  Actually flat calm seas which is nice!!

Dive one had us down at Islote, this is easily one of my favourite dives in Cabo Pulmo.  Islote stands for Little Rock, and that is exactly what it is.  This rock that breaks the sruf to about 25 feet heigh.  We rolled in and headed down to circumnavigate the area.  We were treated to no less then 4 Green Moray Eels, a guitar ray, and numerous bright colorful tropical fish!

Dive two had us rolling in on El Bajo.  Todays dive was amazing…there were a large number of fish, rays and once again eels.  The reef is pretty short and narrow but it is certainly worth diving.

Not to be out done…we had some fabulous whale breaches before the dives and during the surface intervals.  I am not sure I will ever get use to seeing that.  It is simply amazing!  Just seeing the whales breaching is well worth the trip down to Cabo Pulmo

Down in the Baja, looking to do some diving, be sure to drop Mark and email at Vista Sea Sport.

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