Return to Tuwanek

Graceful Decorator Crab

UWE has returned to Canada, and where was our first cold water dive…you have it Tuwanek!  I had to wear this strange suit called a drysuit…not a 3mm short like I had been wearing not all that long ago while working on the Baja…but a drysuit.  Needless to say, it took a minute or two in order to remember what went where and why….but we figured it out pretty quickly.

As we entered the water, we ran into at least 10 divers up to the coast from Vancouver…welcome guys!  After a few questions we had it confirmed to us that vis was pretty good.  Actually it was very good…I would say at least 50 foot anyways.  As on all the other dives we slide down the hill and hit the wall at the 70 foot mark, and yes I was hunting for my favorite Octopus den, and sadly no one was home…and this seemed to be the same story for the other two dens we went to check out.  I think we are still a little early for the big boys to return.

I can not believe, back to cold water…dam I have missed it!!  Interested in doing some training with us…be sure to let us know!!

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