DiveSafe International

DiveSafe International

So, things have been pretty darn quiet on the blog…and needless to say, it has not been on purpose.  UWE has relocated at short notice to of all places Campbell River, so we could join up with DiveSafe International, which is a Commercial Dive Training College, who wants to expand into the Recreational market.

We are offering career training, Dive Master and Dive Instructor training and obviously Commercial Dive training…which is there main stay work.  We are also in the process of opening a retail store which is already partially stocked, and ready to go.

So if you are in Campbell River, or planning on coming here be sure to stop in..you never know there may be a career change in your future.

2 thoughts on “DiveSafe International”

  1. Hi Ken! I just want to say how excited I am to be taking the Open Water Certification with you! When I walked into Dive Safe International I was curious but somewhat apprehensive towards diving, but you made me feel completely at ease about everything, so thanks! =)

  2. Hey Dannica,
    Thank you do much for your post and kind words! I am certainly looking forward to getting your open water completed so you can get out there and enjoy the water.

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