We’re Back…….

70 Ft Octopus Den

Last summer UWE made a post entitle “They’re Back….”, it was in reference to the Giant Pacific Octopods having returned to Tuwanek and the four dens on the left island.  This yes we are writing another story entitled close to the same.  This is a post that is once again discussing the return of the majestic Giant Pacific Octopus to the dens that so well known.  However it is also about my return to the Sunshine Coast, and to one of my favorite dive sites, Tuwanek Beach.

Friday had Sarah P, and myself head down to the site for what would be my first real dives this summer here on the coast.  Things had changed however, I no longer in the Suncoast Diving van, but my own private vehicle, no longer a crew member for the dive center.  It was really a strange feeling seeing the dive van at the site, but having nothing to really do with the series of dives they were working on.
Sarah and I dressed, and entered the water with the intention of a nice easy dive on the left island.  We teamed up very well, as she enjoys just entering from the beach

, descending and just swimming various paths to the wall.  I have lost count the number of times I have made this journey from beach to wall, but I am never disappointed in the life that presents itself to the diver.  It is all a matter of how careful you are as you make the swum.  I happened upon a Crescent Gunnel coiled on the bottom hidden in some vegetation.  As we headed towards the 70ft Octopus den, we were certainly not disappointed, as there was a very nice sized octopus inhabiting this easily found den.  We left from here and slow made our way around the wall, and a nice easy swim on what is a sheer wall to about 150 ft.

Throughout the serials of dives we would happen upon no less then for Giant Pacific Octopi, a number of grunt sculpins and a large number of other fish and invertebrates and what was a one time my favorite jelly fish, these were only moon jellies, not the gooseberry jellyfish that had been so loved from someone I had at one time been very close to.

As I hung at my safe stop, my mind wandering back in time, remembering the first dives here at this home town dive site.  Dinner at Rob and Jen’s place, then a late afternoon dive, me having not been in the water for some 8 years, wanted to dive with someone who knew what they were doing.  Also, the number of recreational and technical dives training and otherwise that Tony Holmes had taken us here for…pushing us to our limits for some, and others simply another dive in a series to get to a destination.  Remembered also were the first few dive course that a new inexperienced dive instructor would conduct there, trying to emulate the other instructors that he had wanted to model himself after.

This small little area, in Tuwanek, brought back a huge flood of emotions, and memories….so good, some not so good….but in the end,  everything is absorbed into the dive, and the memories of the Giant Pacific Octopus.

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