We Have A New Rescue & EFR Diver

Louise N

UWE is excited to announce we have a new EFR and Rescue Diver!! Louise from Denmark was here and wanted to do her training, so before she got a chance to change her mind we had a book in her hand and a video on the tv.  Overall her course was done over 4 days, one in the classroom where she worked through until easily 20:00 doing her training.

The next morning had Louise out in the ocean doing the confined water rescue skills, where she showed she was a natural not only as a Rescue Dive Student but as a diver.  Her buoyancy was excellent, as well as her air consumption.  Day three and four had her working towards completing her Open water scenarios, where she was ready to react to whatever emergency that may happen.

We all had a great four days, and very pleased that she decided to train with us!!  Great time Louise!!

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