Congratulations to our new Open Water and Advanced Open Water Divers

Eric, Bernadette and Dominik

UWE and EcoSea Dive are excited to announce we have three new Advanced Open Water Divers and one new Open Water Divers.  Over the past 5 days we have been hard at work, training Bernadette from Open Water thru to Advanced Open Water.  She did an amazing job.  She joined EcoSea with no diving experience what so ever and did an amazing job over the 5 days.  She looked like a pro when we did her last AOW dive.  Very very well done to you Bernadette!

Eric and Dominik joined Bernadette on the Advanced Open Water course, where we did the Deep, Nav, PPB, Night and UW Naturalist dives.  All divers did a great job and this was easily the best Advanced Open Water course I have ever taught.  All of the students worked very hard, not only doing their knowledge reviews but perfecting the skills needed to make them a competent capable divers!  Well done to all involved!!

UWE and Red Hat Divers Productions were able to shoot some video on their last training dive, so be sure to stay tuned because you will be able to see them in action!  Once again well done to all the students….I am very impressed with their hard work!!

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