A New SSI Stress & Rescue Diver


UWE and EcoSea Dive are very excited to congratulate Jarred for completing his SSI Stress & Rescue Course with us.  Well Done to Jarred!!

Day o1 was in the class room going over the Stress & Rescue video and all of the various knowledge reviews.  Then we discussed how we were going to conduct the program!  Jarred was a natural, and had little trouble with any of the knowledge reviews, and as I suspected when he made it to the water he was a natural all the way around.

Day 02 had us head off into the confined water skills, and Jarred did an excellent job, having very little trouble on any of the things that he needed to do.  Though, there was a bit of an issue completing the  timing count….which is a bit of a mouth full for all students.

Day 3, had the open water scenarios going on and Jarred got the count working for him and did an amazing job with the in water rescues.

Well done to all who assisted and took part in his training!!

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