More SSI Open Water Divers!

Rosa SSI Open Water

Once again UWE and EcoSea Dive are very excited to announce we have three new Open Water divers!  We had a course of three students come in, all friends wanting to complete their Open Water training!!  So we explained the simple differences between PADI and SSI, and sure enough all three people decided SSI was the way ahead for these people!

As with all of the courses, Day 1 had us in the class room working on theory, the does and don’ts about scuba diving, and yes of course the Golden Rule, that all scuba divers know and are confidence there will not be a problem!  Sure enough there was no problems, and no Beer fines this class, though I tried hard to find some!!

Trevor SSI Open Water

Day 2, found us on the boat on the way out to the island.  We went through set up and take down of the scuba unit.  Once we were out on the island it was quick to dress and out into the water we went. All three students were naturals.  The one student Rosa had many questions, but that is always good, its better to get the questions out, so you are always sure of what is expected, and how things are done!  Well Done!!  After we completed all 5 of the confined Open Water dives I had the students go out so we could do Open Water Dive 1, which set us up perfectly for day three training.

On Day 3, we had the students diving Corner Bar and Last tree, for their 2nd Open

Matt SSI Open Water

Water dive.  The conditions were excellent, good visibility and lots of marine life.  I would say that this we easily one of the best morning dives I have had in many days.  We conducted Open Water 3 on Back Door dive site, and then we went back to Corner Bar for the last dive.  Once again conditions were very good…and overall it was a successful couple days of diving!!

Well done to all the students, I am very impressed!! Happy Diving to all.

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