2 New PADI Advanced Open Water Divers

Shannon PADI AOW

Well done to Shannon and Sabrina for their successful completion of the PADI Advanced Open Water Course.  Shannon was the first one to book the course, and Sabrina was just out for a fun dive and a refresher, but she decided to continue with her training!!  Both students did an outstanding job in her training!!

Both students decided to do the Buoyancy, Navigation, Deep, Night, Digital

Sabrina PADI AOW

Photography dives.  Both students demonstrated early on that they had no difficulties at all in their skills.  Their buoyancy was good but did improve over their series of dives, and when it was time to do the Digital Photography dives they had no problems setting up and taking some great pictures.

During the night dive, both students had indicated they were a little nervous, but they met the challenge with no problems, and we were able to get a full 60 minute dive in and we were lucky and saw some cool critters.  Well done to both students!!


2 thoughts on “2 New PADI Advanced Open Water Divers”

  1. Hi Mate!

    Good to see you keep busy! – hope you’ve had a nice trip back to beaverland. Everyone still there at EcoSea? – read Emilie and Andy did their IDC. Kudos to you I’m sure! Take care!

  2. Hey there great to hear from you. I am still in Canada, working somethings out. Its been a good go. I understand Kyoko had driven everyone away. Chanta, has left, Nero has left, Pol, everyone. I read on a website the other day she tried in a rage to run over some people on a moto…so I am not sure what is going on.

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