SSI Open Water Diver

Mikko SSI Open Water

Mikko came and found UWE and EcoSea Dive and decided he was wanting to do his Open Water training.  So off he went on down the training road to becoming a certified diver.  Mikko rose to the the challenge made short work of the day of academics which challenged him in the ares of Physics, Physiology and Buoyancy.  Well done Mikko, did an excellent job mate!!

Day two and three had Mikko out in the water working on his confined water skills, with skills such as mask clearing, regulator recovery, out of air drills, and buoyancy control.  Mikko demonstrated from early on he was a natural, and he certainly did excel in all areas of his training!! Once we hit the Open Water dives, he was simply one of the fun divers, as he was able to demonstrate excellent skills all the way through.  Well done to you Mikko, I hope you are out there diving like crazy buddy!!


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