PADI Open Water Diver

Amy M. PADI Open Water Diver

UWE is very excited to announce that Amy M. has successfully completed the PADI Open Water Divers course.  From all she has indicated this has been something she has wanted to do for many years!  Well Amy, you have done it!  She is a natural and most likely the easiest person I have ever trained.  I would show her a skill, and she would repeat it without a problem.  I know, there are many of my students that are like that, but Amy well she would actually re practice the skills, repeat it and repeat it until she had it perfect.

It was off to the Open Water, and due to how busy my schedule was, Amy’s Open Water dives where scattered a little, but she banged off all the skills she needed to do, with the required number of dives.  Since her certification she has not looked back, she is up to 11 dives now, and she has just recently completed the NITROX divers course and she is now starting to work on her Advanced Open Water.

Well done Amy, keep working hard, you are certainly a natural!!

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