Re-Compression Tour

VGH Re-Compression Chamber

UWE and Ocean Quest Dive Centre, had a tour at VGH’s Re-compression tour hosted by Dr Harrison.  I would have to say it was a very informative evening, though many of the things discussed I had already been taught.  But it is always good to have a review and also to confirm I was taught correctly in the first place.

One of the things I found to be rather disturbing was the number of fatalities were directly contributed to divers not being able to retrieve their regulator when it was out of their mouths.  Now as an Instructor who has taught many many open water courses, it made me think back and remember how many students had been having difficulty with this skill.  I also realized in the training nothing was ever said about just simply pulling your alternate air source off it’s holder and use that until you could successfully find your primary.

The other thing I took away from the tour, was how many people hurt themselves due to poor judgement, and making poor decisions.  The funny thing I see every day, divers who are diving more advanced dive gear, diving to depths they may not be as ready for, and simply take for granted all be it diving is fun, it is still a dangerous sport if not respected.  So, I think what was really being said, check your ego at the shore, practice your skills, and stay current.  Staying current means get out and dive. If you are an open water diver, take your advanced diver course, never stop striving for knowledge, and remember no one person knows everything, be open to learn new things even if it is from someone who is a lower level of diver.

If you ever get a chance to take a re-compression tour go, it is well worth it.

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