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Well everyone here at UWE have had to ask the question, what the heck is everyone doing diving on a bottom timer, doing multi level dives and yet have no apparent plan.  After asking a few divers, I have since discovered this set of tables called Minimum Deco Tables printed by DIR/GUE.  After doing some research it sure sounds interesting, and I am still going through the how to use file, but it still appears that this is to be a square dive profile, which of course no one seems to be doing.

Since returning to Vancouver to work, I have run in to a large number of people who have been bent, or have suffered a DCS since I have been back to the city, and I have to wonder if this is the reason. Not that the tables are wrong but maybe the divers are not doing it correctly which I think is more the situation.   Does everyone know what a square dive profile actually means?  That means the planned depth and time is it, there is no multi level diving it, no new depths, the time is the time…and we do not make it up as it goes.

Dive computers, now I must say, I do not follow my computer blindly, I wear two as I have one that has failed on more then one occasion, but then again I am diving a computer dive, a multi level computer dive which means, I have custom tables being made for me as I dive.  If the algorithm that is in the computer correct, I should be, or there should be a modicum of safety built into it.  Especially if I dive my limits conservatively.

If you go to our Downloads Page you will find the DIR/GUE Minimum Deco Tables, for your review.  Be sure to check back in the next couple of days as we will add to the site how to use the tables.


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  1. data says:


    those tables were done by Peter Steinhoff, a GUE diver himself as far as I know, but are in no way the official GUE tables. See for the real tables.

    Of course multi-level-dives are not easy to plan on the fly, but have a look at average depth, ratio-deco (basically made-up rules leading to save stops) etc. to know how to do it properly.

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