PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider

Richard and Tex PADI Emergency Oxygen Providers

UWE and Ocean Quest and excited to announce we have two new PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course.  Tex and Richard joined me tonight at the Ocean Quest and we got hard at the course.  Richard is an HSE 2 Commercial diver from the UK, and Tex is one of our experienced divers from the shop, both students did a bang up job on the course.

We started off with a Power Point Presentation which covered all the theory one needs to be a PADO Emergency Oxygen Provider, we cover O2, Diving related injuries, drownings, near drownings, DCS and DCI, and how a PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider can help with these kind of injuries.  Even though the course is only about 4 hours in length we can in depth into Oxygen and how to provide it safely and properly.

Well done guys, great work on completing the PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider course!!

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