PADI Enriched Air Course

Eric. S Enriched Air Diver
Eric. S Enriched Air Diver

UWE and Ocean Quest had a request to complete a short notice PADI Enriched Air Course course on Saturday.  So, when I returned from the SMD and the Divemaster training I started up an PADI Enriched Air Course for Eric from Winnipeg.  Go figure, Winterpig lol what can I say!!  So, Eric started off watching the video, and I got the various training aids together.

As one can imagine we need some Enriched Air cylinders so you can do the analysis of the contents.  Once the video was completed we started working on the Knowledge Reviews, and since I like doing everything by hand, I made sure Eric knew and understood how to use the various formula’s to do a second check of everything your dive computer maybe wanting to tell, but I to be sure my computers is correct so I do all the checks manually as well just to ensure safety.  Mine to be exact!

Eric had no problems completing all the skills that were expected so it was off to the 25 question quiz, which he had no problems.  Well done Eric, thanks for selecting Ocean Quest to complete your training needs!!

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