PADI Deep Diver


Brian F. PADI Deep Diver
Brian F. PADI Deep Diver

UWE and Ocean Quest are very excited to say that Brian, has completed his PADI Deep Divers course.   Brian completed his Advanced Open Water course he went right into the his Deep Divers.

Dive One was all about skills, hovers, and bag deployemnt.  Brian, did a great job, with all of his skills!  After the skills dive we went and did a 100 foot dive, as we decended down the wall and out in the cloud sponges, Brian did some skills drills with colours, and speed drills.

Dive three, the 130ft dive Brian found challenging as he was not prepared for the increased resistance in breathing, so we slowed the dive down and started our ascent to ensure there were no problems.  After the dive it was decided that we take it easy for a couple of days and complete the last dive later in the week.

On Dive four, everything went as planned and Brian did a fantastic job.  Well done!!


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