New Rec Sidemount Instructor Rating

PADI Sidemount
PADI Sidemount

UWE is excited to announce that we have qualified and have been certified as the PADI Recreational Sidemount Instructor rating from PADI.  After completing the Tec Sidemount Diver level course that was taught by Jeff Loflin, back in Jul, we have been out getting our dive nmubers up inorder to reach the number needed to certify as an instructor.  We have had many shore dives as well as a set up boat dives on sidemount.

I have to admit Sidemount is living up to the expectations I have had for it.  Diving from a boat is a breeze, shore diving is simple.  There is less wear and tear on the body from lugging around heavy tanks on my back.  I simply bring the tanks into the water with me, and I strap them on and swim off like there is nothing on me.  I like the redunancy, and I have to say it is so very easy to stay in trim.

Greg and I headed out last Wednesday and conducted a Tec Decompression Sidemount dive.  I found it so comfortable in 4 bottles, and the dive went off without a hitch.  I enjoyed so much the easy of this formate of diving.  Ocean Quest has scheduled a course for mid August and the numbers are climbing for participants.  One thing Jeff siad when he started his presentation and it was keep an open mind.  I have, and I am glad I have.  Have an opion, provide yourself with and informed, come on out and give it a try on our course….after all what do you have to loose.

If you have any questions let me know. Cheers!

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