Hollis SMS 100

Hollis SMS 100
Hollis SMS 100

Uwe has decided to do a full gear review of the Hollis SMS 100 Sidemount BCD.  It just so happens it’s the BCD that we chose for use on our PADI Sidemount course with Jeff Loflen early this summer.   I have to say, I would have to rate it as a 9 out of 10.  I have been very impressed in the Hollis SMS 100, it;s easy to wear, easy to customize and also, fairly well priced for a BCD.

I have had about 40 some odd dives on the Hollis SMS 100, the BCD is a sturdy, easy to dive.  I have not used it as a back mount BCD but I have a couple of the local divers who have and they were very impressed.  In order to cold water sidemount, I decided to turn my bungees around and use the clips on the assessor D-rings in the back on the bcd instead of the quick links, and on the quick links I put a big 3 inch Stainless still sliding gate clip, so it was easier to use when wearing dry gloves.

Though I have not used many Sidemount BCD’s I think the Hollis SMS 100 is a well made, rig, and I think this will be the main BCD for diving from here on in.

If you are interested in Sidemount Training let us know or contact Ocean Quest Dive Center about the training course.  They have the Hollis SMS 100 in rentals for use on the course, so what better way to know which one to buy then to dive it first!!

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