Sidemount Course

Sidemount Course Oct.

UWE and Ocean Quest Dive Centre is very pleased to announce we have two new people who have successfully completed the Sidemount course.  The sidemount course had started out with four people, but we had a couple of students who had to defer their training to a little later day.  The sideomunt course started on the 24th of Sept, with a classroom phase then off to the pool, where we worked on all the various skills that are needed to be successful on the Sidemount course.

Off to the ocean, and we showed that it is so important to take the actual sidemount course, so you can learn the various tricks needed to be able to get set up easily to ensure you are in the water, rigged correctly and in an effecient manner.  We also, made sure that all of the students were able to successfully complete the lost regulator, valve drills, S drills, and the various other skills that must be done to graduate from the Sidemount course.

Well done everyone great work!

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