Sidemount Training

Sidemount Pool Training
Sidemount Pool Training

UWE and Ocean Quest are working on a private Sidemount training session with two students.  Yesterday, the students were in the pool and being put through their paces in their sidemount training.

First things first, learning the correct way in which to wear dual bottles in the sidemount configuration, from there we went into advanced fining techniques, and learning how to hover properly in pace.  Then things got interesting with lost regulator, valve shut down drills, S drills, and my favourite, swinging the bottles forward and swimming in this set up.

The learning curve was steep, but everyone did a great job, though some of the skills needed to be repeated, everyone made the cut and are headed to the ocean next.  Be sure to stop back in a couple of days and see how everyone made out in the ocean.

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