Sea Dragon Charters

Sea Dragon Charter
Sea Dragon Charter

UWE and Ocean Quest Dive centre went out on Sea Dragon Charters today and had an amazing time!  We had a total of 16 people, and Ocean Quest had the boat to ourselves.  We were out to have our Divemasters train for leading dives from a boat.  Overall everyone did a great job.  I am pretty sure everyone learned something new, specifically how to keep groups together.

As always Jan and Kevin from Sea Dragon Charters did a fantastic job, with very professional work on the ocean.  We dived the Canyons, and another great wall dive with some spectacular live.  Visibility was kind of short, but it was still great diving!  We want to congratulate Scott for completing is Peak Performance Buoyancy class.

If you are interested in going out diving let us know, as you certainly can not go wrong diving with Sea Dragon Charters!

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