Sidemount Diver

Latest Sidemount Course
Latest Sidemount Course

UWE and Ocean Quest are very excited to announce we have more Recreational Sidemount Divers.  Ocean Quest conducted a pool try Sidemount event on the first of March, this was a huge success….everyone involved seemed to have a great time!!

We started a Sidemount Diver course on the 11th of March, with a full class of 4 people.  Everyone did very well in the classroom, quickly figuring out the new procedures and gear set up!!  We went off to the pool on the Saturday where we did all the various skills and drills, so we could ensure everyone had a good understanding of the dive skills.  Sunday had us out in the ocean where the conditions were very challenging with some very bad visibility, cold temperatures and choppy seas!! Overall every did a great job!!

Everyone seems to ask why pay a little more with us, and I have to say, having seen many of the Sidemount Divers whom kind of self teach how to dive this rig, seem to have so much more trouble.  Having been trained by Jeff Loflen, we learned how to dive sidemount, but also how to teach the sidemount diver course…which is what you truely want.  You want the instructor that knows how to teach the course, especially the ones that were trained by the creator of the course

Don’t miss out everyone, we have another Sidemount Diver course running in April….sign up now!!!!

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