HMCS Chaudiere Dive

Greg exiting the HMCS Chaudiere using Sidemout

Greg exiting the HMCS Chaudiere using Sidemout

UWE and Ocean Quest Dive Center, was out completing Capilano University Professional Dive Instructors Program MSDT training, and today happened to be PADI Wreck Instructor certification and we had the joy of diving on the HMCS Chaudiere.  I cut my teeth on this ship as a young Ordinary Seaman back in 1987 while doing my Seamanship training when I first joined the NAVY.  The HMCS Chaudiere was then a Fleet Training ship that was all but decommissioned, not setting to sea but jetty bound.

She was later used to replace the bow on the HMCS Kootenay after she hit a merchant ship in the fog back in the summer of 1989.  Both ships being of the same class was a perfect fit, but for all of those who have been to the box of the HMCS Chaudiere will agree her bow is flat and not the normal sharp point we all know.  Interesting fact!!

The HMCS Chaudiere was sunk in the on the 5th of Dec 1992, and she is resting on her port side.  Having dived the ship on many occasions, I noticed today how much deterioration there is, having completed a couple of penetrations, I have now realized it is getting more and more dangerous to enter her, even with all the proper training.  Though still an amazing dive there are many areas that should not be attempted.

Fwd Heads and Wash place: HMCS Chaudiere

Fwd Heads and Wash place: HMCS Chaudiere

The Capilano students practiced their penetration points on the starboard side entering at the Wardroom, and the exit being back near the Communication Control Room.  This is about a 50 foot swim, very open and an excellent and still safe training point for this portion of the Instructor course and the diver level alike.

Interested Wreck training, or maybe joining the Capilano University Professional Dive Instructor Program, contact Ocean Quest Dive Center for more information, or I can help you as well.  Interested in diving the HMCS Chaudiere, let me know and we can get something arranged!

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