Enriched Air Divers

Steven, Travis, Mike New Enriched Air Divers

Steven, Travis, Mike New Enriched Air Divers

UWE and and Ocean Quest are very excited to announce that we have three new Enriched Air Divers.  Well done guys.  Even though the course is about 4 hours we sure do get to learn a lot about Enriched Air.  We cover all the different ways one plans their Enriched Air Dives.  We learn about Standard Mixes vs Best Mix, how to calculate your MODs and all the various safety rules we need to follow in ordered to be safe Enriched Air Divers!

We also would like to thank Mike, Travis, and Steven for donating to the Project Aware foundation, help fight to keep our oceans safe and clean.  Read more about the Project Aware mission statement at projectaware.org.

Travis and Mike, are going to put their new skills to work this weekend, diving with Ocean Quest out on the Egmont Charter weekend.  This is going to be a lot of fun! Check back for the weekends pictures!

Well done once again to our New Enriched Air Divers!

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