June’s Tec Sidemount Course

Sidemount Pool Training
Sidemount Pool Training

UWE and Ocean Quest and very pleased to announce that we have completed another Tec Sidemount Course.  In our course we had Mike, Tori, Bryan and Chris.  We started out in the classroom where we learned all the new things we needed to know in order to set up your sidemount rig.  We also covered the importance of Awareness as well as conducting the NOTOX switches in order to keep yourself safe in during the various bottle switches that occur during a Tec Dive.

The next time we met we were in the poo conducting all of the basic Sidemount skills, then we increased everyone’s knowledge as we introduced another two cylinders, specifically they were being used as simulated Deco and Stage bottles.  Everyone did a great job, so it was off to the ocean!!

Recreational Sidemount Training
Tec Sidemount Class

During day one of the Ocean dives we were operating out at Whytecliff Park, where the current was unbelievable and the visibility was next to nothing.  Everyone was up to the task though and successfully completed the dives that we were required.  The next day we decided to head over to Tuwanek in order to complete the training dives with a more user friendly dive site….current was nil and visibility was unbelievable!!

Well done to everyone!  Interested in learning to learn to dive sidemount, be sure to either contact Ocean Quest, or UwExplorers and allows to schedule a course.  Don’t miss out on all the fun!!

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