Tec 40 Training

Uwe and Ocean Quest went out on the last weekend of July and did Dive 1 and Dive 2 of the Tec 40 Training class.   The conditions were very good for the training, visibility good and little water movement.  Greg laid the bottom line and then the ascent line.  Once everything in place the skills circuit began with some bottle drills, hovering drills and then the valve drills.  The big skill being looked at throughout the dive was awareness and for the most part everyone did very well.

We are going to be back in the classroom this week and then the Ocean for dives 3 and 4, which of course will be more skills, and then the running of schedules with simulated decompression.  We are lucky that we have a talented set of divers whom are doing a great job and I know they will complete the training easily.  Well done to everyone and I am looking forward to diving with you all very soon!

If you are interested in taking your Tec 40 Training, be sure to contact us either Here or at Ocean Quest


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