New Sidemount Instructors

Tori & Alex

Tori & Alex

UWE and Ocean Quest are very excited to congratulate Tori and Alex for becoming our New Sidemount Instructors.  Tori, a former Capilano University Professional Dive Instructor candidate who has returned to Ocean Quest to take her Sidemount Instructor program and Alex has come all the way from Germany!

Monday night was the Classroom session where we covered the PADI Standards for the Sidemount Instructor course, as well as practicing the dry skills that will be introduced to the students the pool night.  Everyone did a great job, and had the opportunity to present some of the skill sets that they will teach in their own Sidemount courses when they are instructing.

Wednesday night we went to SFU Pool where we spent 2 1/2 hours practising the skills for real, and each of the Instructor Candidates were tasked with teaching a couple of the various skills that they will be teaching in the ocean.  This is the time where we learn to perfect the skills so we have roll-model like skill levels.

Sidemount Class

Sidemount Class

Friday and Saturday were Ocean days where each candidate had to teach two of the three dives that the the users levels would be learning.  Each candidate was put to the test, fixing errors and making sure that the dives will run safely.  After being put to the test, everyone was able to make the cut!! Well done to everyone!!  Amy, Nathan, and Chantal need to complete their Ocean dives yet before certification.

Interested in taking the Sidemount Instructor course, contact Ocean Quest for more details.

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