Rec/Tec Sidemount Class

Rec/Tec Sidemount Class
Rec/Tec Sidemount Class

UWE and Ocean Quest Dive center is excited to congratulate everyone who has completed the Rec/Tec Sidemount Class which was run in Jan.  We had seven people taking either the Recreational Sidemount or Technical Sidemount training with us.  We also had one student working on his Recreational Sidemount instructor course.

Our Rec/Tec Sidemount Class is done over a 4 day period of time with one evening being a classroom session that not only discusses Sidemount, the benefits of diving sidemount.  The many different configurations for Sidemount, and also we work on the skills we will be conducting in the pool and ocean in the classroom so we can practice good form.  We also stress that we do things to make getting into Sidemount a little more user friendly, things such as longer chokers and tail clips so when you are learning it is less frustrating getting in and out of your set up.  We also stress that as you become more comfortable with diving sidemount, you can tailor your set up, shorten chokers, everything to make it more streamlined.  We also show you that we a training to dive open ocean sidemount, not Cave sidemount, so things will be a little different then what is read on all these forms that discuss how things must be, but do not address the issues with cold water, dry gloves and open ocean.  Everything you learn with us, can be tailored for the environment you are diving in.

Our pool session covers advanced fining techniques, lost regulator procedures, S drills, Valve drills,  as well as detaching and swimming with the cylinders in front of the diver.  We also stress proper trim, which is so very important in your proper diving position.  As the training progress, we will conduct video play back so you can see what you are actually doing during the skills practice and we find that people improve so much more quickly by seeing what they look like in the water.

Once the pool session is completed we head to the ocean. In order to be successful in the Recreational training you need to complete at least three dives and demonstrate proper and say skill execution.  We continue to stress proper trim, which we see improvement from the pool, though not perfect, you can still be successful and complete the course and struggle with trim.  Trim is mastered by diving, and though it is easy once you are able to do it, it does take practice.  To complete the Tec Sidemount part of the training there are two additional dives that you must complete with wearing up to 4 cylinders, and complete the various skills that you need to demonstrate.    We use the Tec Sidemount course as the stepping stone to the Tec 40 training as we need to have good bottle handling skills in order to be successful in the Tec 40 program so its a good idea to take this prep course.

Once again well done to everyone for their great work on the Rec/Tec Sidemount Class.  Interested in taking the Sidemount course, feel free to email us or call Ocean Quest so we can make arrangements with your training.


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