PADI Equipment Specialists

PADI Equipment Specialists

PADI Equipment Specialists

UWE and Ocean Quest Dive Center are excited to announce we have 4 new PADI Equipment Specialists!!  Mark, Young, Peter and Holland worked throughout the day on the Sunday, learning about Masks, BCD’s, Tanks, Regs, Computers, and Dry suits.  We covered Reg service, with what a technician needs to do, and what the diver can do, we tuned in second stages, and fixed high pressure spools.  We did neck pair seal replacements, as well how to go about replacing a wrist seal at the dive site.  We also discussed leak checks and how they are to be conducted.

We went through Visual tank inspection procedures and how we detect cracks in the neck of your cylinders, and what it means to fail a cylinder due to stress cracks.  Overall everyone had a great time!  We also discussed taking the full Apex/Aqualung Reg service class which we would like to schedule in early spring.

If you are interested in learning how to do regulator services, be sure to let us know so we can include you in our email sign up list.

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