Porteau Cove

Ken diving the Hollis Explorer
Ken diving the Hollis Explorer

UWE  was out diving at Porteau Cove, enjoying their Hollis Explorer Weekend.  We set the Hollis Explorer up on the day before, ensuring that all appropriate check lists were followed.  We did a quick negative pressure test, just to ensure the final checks the next day would go off without a hitch.  I noticed after trying to take the Hollis Firmware update the HUD was not working 100 percent.  So, the big questions was weather to cancel the dive on Closed Circuit and dive regular Open Circuit.

I got out to the Porteau Cove, and completed the Pre dive series prior to donning my gear and I notice the HUD still no acting properly, though it was running.  Deciding to ensure I paid close attention to the handset I decided to try the descent.  Rene and I decided to enter the water at Porteau Cove by going down the stairs since the tide was way out.  Once entering the water we descended right at the beach level and started out in the main area of the dive site here at Porteau Cove.

The HUD flashed up right on descent and started to work properly for me so it was off to the dive. The

Ken Diving at Porteau Cove
Ken Diving at Porteau Cove

conditions were fantastic, with visibility ranging between 10 and 40 feet at depth.  We spent about 2 hours underwater, and with me diving the Hollis Explorer, I was able to get very close to the marine life without disturbing them.  The Explorer worked flawlessly, and I am very happy with the purchase. I have been having some minor problems with the unit, but Hollis, Gus specifically has been awesome ensuring that Hollis stands behind their unit totally.

I will be leaving for a trip to Port Hardy to stay at God’s Pocket resort to get a weeks worth of diving in, and I am planning on bringing my camera and my new Hollis Explorer Rebreather!!

Interested in diving Porteau Cove, need information on the Hollis Explorer, let me know and I am more than happy to give my advice, and dive briefing.  Either email me here, or stop by Ocean Quest and we can have a chat about your diving needs


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