Hollis Explorer Rebreather

Hollis Explorer Rebreather

Hollis Explorer Rebreather

UWE was out the other night diving at Whytecliff Park on my Hollis Explorer Rebreather.  The conditions were not the best, but as we descended deeper the visibility improved drastically and we had an excellent dive.  We descended in about 30 feet of water and headed down the slope.  The visibility was about 20 feet.  As a slide along the sand with the rebreather, I was once again treated to the cool things that my Hollis Explorer Rebreather allows me to get closer and closer to the marine life without scaring them away.

Our dive lasted about 60 minutes, I want to say my unit performed flawlessly, but I can’t.  Since I had the head, handset and hud replaced I have been having battery problems with the unit.  I keep it on charged, and when I put the unit together it’s fully charged, I have been having 0 battery ascend immediately warnings.  The unit had been off charge for about 1.5 hours by the time I hit the water, then 60 minutes later I had the “Ascend Immediately” warning, though it’s impossible that the unit had last power that quickly.

I knew the system would have it’s problems as I know it is still very new on the market.  I have to say Hollis has been very supportive, and I have been dealing with Gus, who has been fantastic.  If you want to try something cool….come dive the Hollis Explorer Rebreather!!

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