Porteau Cove

Hollis Explorer at Porteau Cove
Hollis Explorer at Porteau Cove

UWE was out on Saturday night diving the Hillis Explorer Rebreather at Porteau Cove.  We followed an easy compass bearing out to the the fire hose and then turned right and followed it to the Jungle Gym, and then we stayed at about 50 feet heading out past the Granthhall.  The dive went very well.  We had one diver in Sidemount, then and another in doubles and me, well you guessed it, I was on the Hollis Explorer.  The rebreather performed very well, though I think battery cell number three is having problems.  I have been dealing with Gus at Hollis trying to figure out what the issues are.

Porteau Cove is an awesome dive site with so much marine life and artificial reefs that it is so much fun to check everything out, especially on a night dive.  I am off to Ontario for the week, so I will land locked for a little, but  I will be back at it next week!

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