Recreational Sidemount Course – June 2014

Recreational Sidemount Course - June 2014
Recreational Sidemount Course – June 2014

UWE and Ocean Quest Dive Center are excited to announce we have completed another Recreation Sidemount Course – June 2014.  We started with our first classroom session on the evening of the 26th of Sept.  We learned all the things needed to be a Sidemount Diver, as well why one would want to dive Sidemount.  Once we completed the presentation we started to do dry land practice so the student would know what to expect in the pool, which was completed for the 28th.

During the pool session, we practiced all the various skills the diver will need to successfully dive sidemount.  We also worked on fine tuning the gear as the 29th was our Ocean day where with would be doing 3 dives.  During the ocean session, all of the students did an excellent job completing what was asked of them.  One of the big things that was stressed as well, is to make your own decision on gear selection based on first hand knowledge not what someone tells them it should be.  All the loud voices for this kind of training are basing gear need on Cave, fresh warm water diving and have zero experience in what is is like in the cold waters off of British Columbia, in a dry suit with big dry gloves on.

If you are interested in taking a sidemount course, be sure to let me know, I will help get one organized for you.

Once again well done to all on the Recreational Sidemount Course – June 2014!!!

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