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Search and Recovery Course

Canada Dive College students are currently working on the Search and Recovery Specialty course offer through PADI. Overall its an interesting course. After completing the Knowledge Reviews, we head off to the dive site to practice some of the following skills. Searches, left bad deployment, knot tying etc. 

Our first dive was on Friday the 1st of December, though the air temperature was cold and plenty of snow on the ground….surprisingly the water temp was not all that bad. On the surface it was a chilly 44F however at depth things warmed to 50F. We completed the U shape search as well as the deployment of a lift bag to use as a datum position, and then conduct a circular search, and thankful we were successful in finding Joe, which is out trusted lost object. 

Dives 2 – 4 are yet to come….if interested in taking the Search and Recovery course be sure to contact Canada Dive College or Suncoast Diving

Skookumchuck Day 2

What an amazing day, the Atri Star headed out eary on Sunday morning, for what was to become one of the most impressive days in a long while.  With a load full of divers hell bent to make their first dive on the HMCS Chaudiere, which is resting on her port side at a depth between 50 – 130 feet tide depending.

As we approached and tied on to the mooring line, it was obvious that it was going to be a chaoppy day on the line.  Group 1 headed down in what was most likely a 3 foot chop, but its was soon going to increase.  As the group decended down the stern line, for what was going to be a slow uneventful dive.

 As we ascended from the dive, one mooring line early, we happened to surface in what was easily 8 – 10 chop.  The day had become pretty eventful, now that we had a bit of a surface swim to get back to the Star.  As we approached I realized there was someone on the stern line litterally pucking his guts out, and without his reg in his mouth he was taking on a lot of water. I tried to deal with the diver on the stern line, Tony was trying to get the other two divers out of the water, and the entire time we were getting hit pretty hard with surf.  In the end, everyone exited the water without incident. 

The peace was not to last long, as I had no sooner gotten my tank and BC off, when the next diver team surfaced and approached the boat.  I assisted getting them out of the water, and quite litterially then crawled into the boat as we got pounded by the waves.  THankfully there was only two more divers in the water…and that thought had no sooner passed through my head, when I heard a low snap sound, and sure enough the mooring line parted from the buoy…and we began to drift.

Tony, headed to the bridge, and expertly took control of the helm, and returned to the mooring area in time to recover the other two divers in the water.  What a blast!!!

Skookumchuck Starts to Run

Today is the start of the diveable tides for the Skiikumchuck. Suncoast Diving and Canada Dive College are running charters up to the Skookumchuck Rapids for some of the best diving on the Sunshine Coast. The visibility was a little lower then we are use to due to the heavy rains over the past week. However the diving is still outstanding.
The Atri Star, Tony Holmes’s 38ft Motor Vessel will be headed back out tomorrow for a two dive day. The first dive will be done on the HMCS Chaudiere, and the second….you guessed it, back to the Skookumchuck. Make sure you do not miss the opportunity to dive the rapids. If you want more information to book charters be sure to visit

Advance NITROX Dives

Dive three of the Advanced NITROX Course took place today at Cooper’s Green. The students were practicing the NOTOX switches, as well as doning and doffing the slung tank. This courses is offered through TDI Diving, and is a prep course for the Decompression Diving Procedures Course which will be taking place early in the new year.

If you are interested in taking any of these course, be sure to contact Tony Holmes of Canada Dive College.

Current Training

There is plenty of training that is happening for the students at Canada Dive College at Suncoast Diving two students on the full time course are hard at working doing their Divemaster program, as well there is an Advanced Nitrox course, as well as a TDI Decompression Diving course that will be starting up soon.

There is an IDC Training course just about wrapping up, with two candiates headed to Vancouver to do their IE.  We wish them luck!!

Welcome to Uw

We would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to the UW Explorers web site.  We are proud to offer you the dive public many many different services.  First and for most, we are divers.  Our diving ranks range from PADI Openwater Instructors, Divemasters, Divemaster Trainee’s as well a number of PADI Openwater – Rescue Divers.

We are offering the opportunity for local divers to join together to plan and execute dives through the year here on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. We are planning on starting Thursday Night Dives, leaving from Suncoast Diving at 5:00pm, as well as a Saturday Morning shore or boat dive, depending on the number of people who wish to come out.