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More of Cabo Pulmo

Breaching Whale Cabo Pulmo
Taken by Dave and Dean

UWE was out once again helping out Vista Sea Sport, with a charter of 3 divers from California.  Tom, Scott and Cortlandt headed down to Cabo Pulmo for some great diving.  The weather was amazing with very calm seas.  Actually flat calm seas which is nice!!

Dive one had us down at Islote, this is easily one of my favourite dives in Cabo Pulmo.  Islote stands for Little Rock, and that is exactly what it is.  This rock that breaks the sruf to about 25 feet heigh.  We rolled in and headed down to circumnavigate the area.  We were treated to no less then 4 Green Moray Eels, a guitar ray, and numerous bright colorful tropical fish!

Dive two had us rolling in on El Bajo.  Todays dive was amazing…there were a large number of fish, rays and once again eels.  The reef is pretty short and narrow but it is certainly worth diving.

Not to be out done…we had some fabulous whale breaches before the dives and during the surface intervals.  I am not sure I will ever get use to seeing that.  It is simply amazing!  Just seeing the whales breaching is well worth the trip down to Cabo Pulmo

Down in the Baja, looking to do some diving, be sure to drop Mark and email at Vista Sea Sport.

Marine Life Update

Panamic Green Moray Eel

UWE has added more to the Marine Life of the Sea of Cortez section.  In the Bony Fish Section we have added some footage of a Panamic Green Moray Eel.  These kinds of eels are prolific here in the Sea of Cortez.  It is not unusual to count 4  or 5 per dive.  As long as you are on the rocky reefs, there will be Green Moray Eels for your to check out.  Eels are one of my favorite fish in the ocean, and I am not sure why…but I never get tired of searching for them.  Just remember to keep you fingers out of their mouthes!!

If you like the footage then can be down loaded at the following link.

Panamic Green Moray Eel (667)
Round Stingray

The second video was added to the Ray & Skate page.  We added the Round Stingray to our collection.  There is something so majestic about Stingrays.  To me, they are the undersea birds flying by as we try to increase our explorations of the ocean.  I have many other pieces of footage of various rays which I will add as the weeks go on.  Be sure to go and check out our new additions.

If you like the footage then can be down loaded at the following link.

Round Stingray (652)

Marine Life of the Sea Cortez

Taken by KennyG
Bulls-eye Electric Ray

UWE has added the Ray & Skate section to the Marine Life of the Sea of Cortez.  In this section currently has about 15 – 25 secs of footage of a Bulls-eyed Electric Ray.  The footage is very clear and we got up close so you could see the markings of this magnificent animal.  We will be adding more footage of rays, as well as some Green Moray eel footage over the next couple of days so be sure to stop back and check it out!!

The latest footage is also available for download here :  Bulls-eye Electric Ray (674)

Global Referrals & SDI Openwaters

UW Explorers SDI Training Facility

UWE  has been busy between assisting at Vista Sea Sport and conducting SDI Openwater courses.  Friday had us out on Mark’s Panga, down to Cerro Verde doing Openwater Dive 1 and 2 of a Global Referral from SSI.  Jon (student) and Nadine (Certified diver) did great on their dives.  Jon proved he was up to the task of completing all of his skills with no difficulties on both of his dives, and Nadine is an excellent diver, she has excellent buoyancy  and her air consumption is amazing.  Well done to both.

Uw Explorers SDI Training Facility currently is running an Openwater course for Charlie B. has completed all of her Confined water skills, and is more then ready for the ocean portion though we may head back to the pool for one more go…just to make sure everyone is comfortable.  Once she has completed her academics, then there will be no stopping her.  She is certainly a natural in the water, so I am excited to get her course completed so she can get in there and do some of the awesome dive sites that are offered here in the Baja.

CW Pool Skills

Interested in learning to dive…drop us a line and lets see what we can get arranged!!

Three Days of Fun Diving!!

Uwe has been out helping Vista Sea Sport this week, with the many many divers that have been out enjoying the amazing diving here in the Sea of Cortez!  Day 1 – 3 had us out with 7 divers that joined us from Boulder Colorado.  The trip leader and Padi Course Director Sage was doing and AOW course with Kathy, and with them were 5 other divers were on the boat.

Day 1 had us head down to the Cerro Verde dive sites.  These were mainly check out dives used to get weighted off and accustomed to the waters here on the Baja.  We were treated to some stone fish, Moray Eels, and turtle sightings!!  What could be better.

Balloon FIsh
Balloon Fish from Vista Sea Sports

Day 2 had us heading down to Cabo Pulmo, where we conducted two dives one at Islote (meaning little rock) and dive two was at Los Morro del Norte.  The first dive good, but the current was playing and shifting around on the site and we ended up covering the same group in order to swim.  We sighted a Guitar ray which was very nice to see. On the second dive, which was all drift we were treated to an abundance of schooling fish, parrot fish and then the big guy himself, a giant sized Jew fish.  It was amazing.  We also had some ray and eel sightings.  Overall it was a good day of diving.

Day 3 had us heading down to dive in Punta Perico (The Bay of Dreams) we were treated to one of the longest boat rides I have had in a long time.  The wind was up as were the seas, and needless to say it certainly was not the driest ride I have ever had.  Once we arrived on site we headed in to the bay to find some shelter from the wind, and to warm up a little before hitting the water.  We took some time set up our equipment, and then headed out to the entry area.  Now I have been  told there are some awesome swim throughs, and I have not found then up until this fine day!  Ten minutes in the dive we found ourselves swimming though three or four various tunnels that lead from the deeper part of the wall, up to the shallower parts of the wall.  We were traversing from 30 foot down to 50 – 55 foot and vice versa, it was amazing…so much so everyone wanted to do dive two here as well!

Down in the Baja…want to get some diving in!!  Be sure to look up Vista Sea Sport!!

The Drowning Woman Part 2

UWE has finally completed the The Drowning Woman video and interview with Jo Harrison tattoo artist after we worked on the video pieces she wanted to use to help draw the tattoo she is working on.  I was lucky enough to see the image she had drew from the video for the tattoo.  I have to say it was amazing.  She has promised UWE would get to see the finished tattoo.  Be sure to check back as we will be putting the pictures up on the website