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Gambier Island Diving

Gambier IslandThursday had us diving up in Howe Sound off the coast of Gambier Island. Visibility was easily 30 – 40 meters, though cold! Water temp was in and around 45 f, but it was great diving. Our first dive had us entering the water from the dock, and we headed down in the the depths. The bottom is sandy, with a lovely wall. Sure enough hiding in one of the numerous cracks was a wolf eel, in about 70 feet of water.

Wolf EelAs we proceeded back along the wall, in the sand we spied a lovely little red octo scurrying to the wall, hoping to get to safety….this type of octo is the smaller ones we find here in the Pacific.

Dive two had us in the shallows off a small reef in the middle of the inlet. We were able to swim most of the reef, though not a large number of fish, there were lots of nudibranch to been seen, with a hug number of the Hooded variations.

Hooded Nudibranch Red Octo

Be sure to come on into to Suncoast Diving and book yourself a charter in order to get yourself out there and enjoy the diving!!

HMCS Chaudiere Day 2

After our first penetration and decompression dive on the Chaudiere, we decided to come back for round two. Our dive profile was as follows….

130 for 25 with approximately 20 minutes or so of hang time on 50% Nitrox at various depths starting at 50 feet in order to clear our decompression obligations. We did two penetrations in the bow, and one through the bridge during today’s dive. Things were coming fast and furious….overall it was an amazing dive!!

We have an excellent dive planned for tomorrow down in Tuwanek. We are going to search out the Sea whips, and the plan has us at 165 for 20 minutes, with 17 minutes or so decompression obligations in order to make back to the surface.

If you are not busy tomorrow, you should come on down to the Beach and enjoy the action!

Mapping Tuwanek

Canada Dive College Dive Master’s are working on their Mapping project as well as completing the Decompression Training through TDI. Today, one student, one Instructor on another diver completed a complete circuit around the Right island in Tuwanek. Not big thing right, well on this occasion, we were working on extending our range. So we had two divers diving with a slung 80cuft tank, plus the single 80 on their back, while the other student was working on a set of Twin 80’s configured for Tec diving. 

We racked up a cool 62 minutes worth of a dive, all three divers diving on Nitrox with mixes between 25% – 34%. Overall the max depth was 110, and surprisingly the temperature range was a cool 40F on the surface, to a warm 50F at max depth. The visibility was close to 60 foot or better….and overall it was an amazing dive…. 

Remember, coming this week, there are going to be club dives Thursday and Saturday’s so be sure to keep an eye on the site!!

Welcome to Uw

We would like to take the opportunity to welcome you to the UW Explorers web site.  We are proud to offer you the dive public many many different services.  First and for most, we are divers.  Our diving ranks range from PADI Openwater Instructors, Divemasters, Divemaster Trainee’s as well a number of PADI Openwater – Rescue Divers.

We are offering the opportunity for local divers to join together to plan and execute dives through the year here on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. We are planning on starting Thursday Night Dives, leaving from Suncoast Diving at 5:00pm, as well as a Saturday Morning shore or boat dive, depending on the number of people who wish to come out.