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Minimum Deco Tables


Well everyone here at UWE have had to ask the question, what the heck is everyone doing diving on a bottom timer, doing multi level dives and yet have no apparent plan.  After asking a few divers, I have since discovered this set of tables called Minimum Deco Tables printed by DIR/GUE.  After doing some research it sure sounds interesting, and I am still going through the how to use file, but it still appears that this is to be a square dive profile, which of course no one seems to be doing.

Since returning to Vancouver to work, I have run in to a large number of people who have been bent, or have suffered a DCS since I have been back to the city, and I have to wonder if this is the reason. Not that the tables are wrong but maybe the divers are not doing it correctly which I think is more the situation.   Does everyone know what a square dive profile actually means?  That means the planned depth and time is it, there is no multi level diving it, no new depths, the time is the time…and we do not make it up as it goes.

Dive computers, now I must say, I do not follow my computer blindly, I wear two as I have one that has failed on more then one occasion, but then again I am diving a computer dive, a multi level computer dive which means, I have custom tables being made for me as I dive.  If the algorithm that is in the computer correct, I should be, or there should be a modicum of safety built into it.  Especially if I dive my limits conservatively.

If you go to our Downloads Page you will find the DIR/GUE Minimum Deco Tables, for your review.  Be sure to check back in the next couple of days as we will add to the site how to use the tables.


New Downloads

UWE has been work expand their downloads section and have just added two new down load files as well as a new category.  We have added the users manual for the Azimuth users manual.  Once again this is not a substitute for the proper training and training manual.

Azimuth SCR (787)

We have also added the download category for the footage that is shot by the divers from Uw Explorers.  Though all of our footage is HD, these downloads are down in the compressed MP4 formate which makes them smaller and easier to download.

Cabo Pulmo 2 (1262)

Drager Dolphin

Drager Dolphin
Drager Dolphin

UWE has added another manual to the downloads section.  We have gotten our hands on the the Ebook version of the Drager Dolphins User manual.  This book is not a substitute for the proper training manual for the safe using of the Dolphin or any other type of SCR, or CCR.  This Ebook is provided for reference only.

Be sure to check back over the next couple of days, as we have a number of new Ebooks, free for downloading.  Have any comments or suggestions be sure to let us know.

Drager Dolphin Download Drager Dolphin User Manual (2129)

Web Site Updates

UWE is very excited to announce that we have finally completed the repair to our down loads section of the web site.  We have personally re-established each link to every file we have on our downloads server.  If there is anything else you would like to see on the downloads section then let us know.

We would also like to announce we have added a new section the web site.  We have added Dive Sites of Baja California Sur.  Be sure to stop by and check out the various sites we have listed on there.  Currently we have Cabo Pulmo, and as we get more time in the water, more of the sites will find their way onto the website!


UWE is one again updating all of the Downloads section.  Therefore there may be some intermittent problems with downloads as the site is updated.  We have up graded to the newest version of this plugin.  If you have any problems be sure to let us know so we can fix any issues.