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New PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors

Congrats to Jay, Karen, Lucy and Steve
Congrats to Jay, Karen, Lucy and Steve

UWE and Ocean Quest are very excited to introduce our New PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors.  Jay, Karen, Lucy and Steve joined me a scant 3 weeks ago in order to have me teach them their PADI Instructor Development Course, (IDC).  This was  a long 6 day process, with classroom sessions, pool skills development sessions, pool teaching presentations, and of course the Ocean teaching presentations and my all time favourite a Rescue to be performed.

Everyone came pretty well prepared and this training for some came to the them naturally, while others work longer hours to achieve the level of proficiency that would be needed to be successful.  I have to say I was very proud today seeing the wonderful performances and hearing the praise that was said about our students.  Well done to everyone!! Thank you for working so hard and well done for completing their PADI Instructor Examination!  Way to go to all if our New PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors!!

PADI Assistant Instructor


PADI Assistant Instructor Class

UWE and Ocean Quest Dive Centre are very excited to announce we have four new PADI Assistant Instructor graduates.  Robert, Amy, Bryan and Greg are in the process of completing their Instructor Development Course in preparation for conducting their PADI Instructor Examination.

The course started up last Tuesday where the candates sat in the PADI Instructional Lectures, as well as how to conduct a Confined Open Water presentation, and then proceeded to the Knowledge Review Presentation and the Open Water Teaching Presentation.  Everyone has been improving in all the sections as the training has gone on.  Saturday and Sunday had us in the water practacing the Confined and Open Water segments to the PADI Assistant Instructor course.

Sunday night everyone commenced writing their General Standards Procedures exam and so far they have all be successful in their training.  Next week Greg will be completing the candiates training and IDC.  I wish them all the best of luck!  Once again congratulations for completing your PADI Assistant Instructor class!

CDC Summer 07 Course

CDC Summer 07 StudentsCDC has commenced their latest Professional Dive Instructors course.  The latest course has 7 students, with one student join late as he is currently down in South America.  Tony’s crew will be working through their Open water Diver Program this week, and all of the students will be certified as Open water Divers by weeks end.

If you happen to be out and about in the Sechelt area diving, and you run across this crazy crew….be sure to say hi and wish them luck with their training!!!

This Weekend is the IE

Ok, so this is a little late as well….but hey, we did it!!  Well done to Sean, Kit and myself for being successful in their IE.  They boys have been working hard for the past month or so…ensuring that everyone was ready to make the IE look easy.  There certainly was some early mornings, and late nights….

Things at the exam went pretty smooth…challenging but smooth.  We have to thank Tony of Canada Dive College for his professionalism, vast knowledge, and great sense of humor….if it was not for him making sure we all knew what to do, what to expect and how to do it…the IE may have been far more difficult then what it was…Thank you Tony!

Pool Training at Pender Pool

CDC and Suncoast Diving headed out today for a great afternoon work out at the Pender Pool.  CDC had three students working on confined water skills for their Tec Deep course, while Suncoast Diving had three students, one for Open water and two conducting their Discover Scuba Diving dives.

The Tec Deep guys, were in their twin 80 cuft’s, with two stage decompression bottles.  There main objective was to work through the various skills required to be successful with Tec Deep.  We practiced, S drills, V drills, as well as donning and doffing our deco cylinders, with and without masks.  We even were able to practice popping our lift bags.  The day turned out being an excellent adventure in training.

While we were in the deep end, Rob of Suncoast Diving was working with his three students, and as things turned out one signed up for the up coming CDC Professional Scuba Instructor course that starts up this April!

Another excellent day of training!!